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Tembe Gibbs was born in South Africa in 1972 and now lives in London. Although executed in different media, her work finds cohesion through its boldness of colour and simplicity of subject matter. After working in IT, Tembe starting painting full time in 2000 and has studied at Heatherleys School of Art, Kensington and Chelsea College and done residential courses in Scotland and East Anglia. She has drawn her inspiration from various sources, in particular the Scottish colourists, the impressionists and modern multi-media artists.

“Tembe’s first exhibition, “A Collage of Work” , sold out. Since then she has being doing private commissions including portraiture. “Wet & Weathered” is Tembe’s second exhibition concentrating primarily on the texture of aging objects and coastal scenes. Modern application and subject matter is interspersed with more traditional work and the result is a very exciting and varied selection of work. “The pretty initial position which falls short of completeness is not to be valued - except as a stimulus for further moves” – Richard Diebenkorn